The CASSOC Member Program Fund is designed to support member group participation in activities or events.

Matching funds of up to $250 per member event are available after approval of an application for Not-For-Profit events promoting Scottish Culture and Heritage during the 2024 fiscal year.  

One or more member organizations are required to be explicitly involved in this event. For annual events, a new application would be required each fiscal year.

The distribution of monies in the fund will be assessed and decided upon by the Member Program Fund Committee or, if not formed and active then, by the CASSOC Board of Directors.

Pre-approval in principle for funding of the event requires this application to be submitted by the member or members a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the event. Inclusion of CASSOC’s banner or other means of showing CASSOC support in advertising, media and during the event is expected along with an expenses budget to substantiate the request.

For those events that are approved, payment will occur only after the activity ends and CASSOC is provided with the substanitiating documents such as receipts.

Note that a cap of overall funds available is set for each fiscal year.  Applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis.

CASSOC expects a post-event summary of the activity as an article and photos for publishing in the An Drochaid newsletter. The article should include information regarding the success of the event and how CASSOC support aided in the outcome.  This will be provided in combination with any other content being published for the member(s) being sponsored.


Click here to access a fillable PDF application form with instructions on how to apply